Victor Chandler Poker

Its now 8 months since I first started to play online poker. I never really played cards before, and when I did it was 5 or 7 card stud. I’d never even heard of Texas Hold’em so when a friend called at my house one night in September 2003 I let him log on to Victor Chandler Poker on my PC and as I watched in amazement it wasn’t long after that I had registered an account with Victor Chandler.

My first success came a few days later when I won a $25 STT that was me hooked. I even phoned my mate to ask him what the river and the flop was. Then by December I began to find my feet and VC had “THE BIG ONE” every Saturday evening $90 buy-in. I finshed 3rd winning $2,120.80. Not bad from a field of 192 players. The following Sunday. I finished 2nd in the Sunday “BIG ONE” winning over $1600.

Then by early 2004 VC introduced the rebuys. Love them or loathe them most winners of the big MTT’s have rebought once or twice on the way, I was fortunate enough to win the 2k, 3k & 4k all in the month of April. (not bad for a guy who only 6 months earlier thought that preflop was something you suffered from on your wedding night) I have won other MTT’s & STT’s and I have also qualified to play in the “World Heads Up Championships 2004” in Barcelona.

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I have also tried Ladbrokes, Hills & a few other poker sites on the net but without a doubt VC is in a league of its own.

Buts its not all about the winning

I have made so many friends on VC Poker from the UK and the USA not forgetting Europe (sorry corrie) that its not just about winning, although we all like to win, but as we say in Ireland the craic on this site is great fun. There are a variety of games on VC Poker from Omaha to Heads Ups, STT’s (Single Table Tournaments) & MTT’s (Multi Table Tournaments) and real money games to suit your budget. So that is why I’ll stick with VC Poker and who knows by 2006 I might be in the same league as Jono1972, Royal Flush, dylan2004, M3boy, Hectorjelly and some of the other great guys & dolls that play here.

So if you’ve stumbled on this site out of curiosity and are a little uncertain what its all about click the link below and try VC Poker for yourself.

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