The 1808’s were formed 196 years ago and are now the largest poker gang in Western Europe! We have gambling software providers on both sides of the Atlantic. We have an 1808 member on Victor Chandler Poker, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our Commercial Developer in the USA.

Geeah assures us by the time our bicentianal comes in 2008 we will be the world’s largest poker organisation. The 1808’s have new offices opening in Singapore & New Zealand in the summer of 2004. We broke with tradition in 2003 and after 195 years my deputy vincent v recruited the 1808’s first lady, Solomon (now Michelle) and we welcome ladies from all four corners of the globe.

Latest News

Thursday 16th September 2004

The tournament results page has now been updated. Enjoy!

Tuesday 14th September 2004

I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates made to the site over the last couple of weeks and I assure all the visitors and gang members a lot more necessary updates over the next few days…

Saturday 4th September 2004

Very well done to Jono1972 on winning August’s 1808 Player of the Month!…..

You’ll now notice there is a page dedicated to the Player of the Month

Tuesday 24th August 2004

Its that time again, where a player of the month is decided by a poll, so don’t forget to vote for your favourite 1808 for August, as the poll has only been open from yesterday!

P.S. To vote, click the link above or click here
10.00pm, Wednesday 18th August 2004
Congratulations To Gambeling Gaz for winning the “1808 v MMMs Grudge Tournament”

Tuesday 17th August 2004

BIG DAY TOMORROW – 18/08 ~ 1808 ~ 18th August ~ Barney1808’s Birthday
…and in celebration of the gang & The Chairman’s birthday there will be a invitational tournament held tomorrow (1808s v MMMs Grudge Match) and it will start at 8.05pm (UK Time) and 3.05pm (US Time)

Still not registered for it? REGISTER NOW – CLICK HERE

Tuesday 3rd August 2004

Is it good to be back? errrrrrrrrrr…….of course it is! 😉

Well a great holiday, really enjoyed that week in the sun …have to say Marmaris has got to be one of the best holiday destinations around, really lively and very cheap, but anyway enough of the chit-chat, its good to be back yadda-yadda-yadda. 😀

Tournament results page has now been fully updated as well…

Tuesday 27th July 2004

I’m writing this as I’m just about to walk out the door to head to the airport and jet off for a week’s holiday in sunny Marmaris, Turkey.

So you’ve got a whole week without me, best of luck! …and I’ll update the results page when I get back, Adios!

Friday 23rd July 2004

Very unlucky to those of the 1808 Gang that crashed out of the Victor Poker Cup (THE_DADDY, Halfadaly, ItsMrAlex2u & ericuk)

The tournament results page has now been updated and lets just say its been a good month for the 1808s as we’ve profited over $60,000 this month!

P.S. Don’t forget to vote on this month’s poll for Player of the Month!